Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tommy Robinson of the EDL speaks

It seems impossible for Tommy to get a fair chance here (in the UK), our press and media seem determined to condemn him, rather than listen.

But fortunately other countries seem willing to give him an opportunity.

Here is an interview with Tommy by Michael Coren (ex – Brit) from Canada.

It seems to me that we are sensible people, and if Tommy starts saying and doing stupid, vile, evil things we will soon stop finding him so interesting.

Do white women matter?

Remember if a crime is 'racial' it carries a larger sentence. It also sends a message to society - it sais this is wrong and 'evil', so when we do not say a crime is racial when a black man (or other ethnic group) rapes, assaults or kills a white women then we are saying she does not count, as much.

Or for that matter a white male.

It also sends a message to the black and other ethnic groups community - (some of)you are as evil as white people.

Justice. Fairness. Equality.

Like the Isle of Wight case that I have previously mentioned. BBC link to E-Fit

Friday, 16 September 2011


An other report from the daily mail today

A 17-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker who had only been in Britain for four months took part in a gang rape and laughed as he humiliated the victim.

And Boris wants to help Kelis - shame on him, shame on our leaders, shame on the liberals, shame on us ALL.

Kelis Update

Yesterday I blogged about racism?.

It was designed to provoke thought and discussion about what is racism. Another (white) girl was raped by a black man, and no one talked about racism. This report was found in the Metro newspaper – which also carried a story about the black American singer Kelis who claims she was racially abused, because someone (a fat white man) called her a slave when she pushed in front of him in a queue.

Today it seems Boris is on the case.

Well Boris why don't you help the young 15 year old (white) lady who was raped by a 6 foot black guy?

Why Boris?

Why doesn't anyone from the political and liberal elite help or stand up for white girls who are raped, assaulted and killed by men from black and other ethnic groups (Muslims) - but when groups like the English Defence League do - the elite call them racists.

An eye for an eye

Bring back the cane, lock up the looters’.

The call for harsher and harsher punishment grows louder and louder. Not that it does not have its merits.

However for me, these calls signify a serious problem with our society – which I think we all know, but do not address properly. For me the problems are fuelled by immigration and the multiculturalism policies, laws and practices.

If we stopped immigration (NOW), deported all illegal immigrants (NOW) and encouraged our people to get trained and educated then we would be taking some steps to improve our society, and this would make us more ’safe’, more ‘content’.

Now – some of you argue that our people just want to sit around drinking and sponging off the state, well all I can say to that is whenever this country has asked us – we have delivered. 2 world wars, built ships, mined coal, steel works, set up the National Health service.

The working man and women NEVER let this country down – the same can not be said of the bankers, the Politicians, the Police, the Judiciary, the Monarchy, the Churches.

Remember an eye for an eye makes us all blind – but then again, we may all be blind because we seem to not see the causes of this social disease.

No - i think that is wrong, I think we do see, or some of us do. But we are unable, or unwilling to act. Too afraid of being called racist. I would rather be blind, because watching as the people and country one cares about sink further and further into unrest is truly a form of living hell.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rape of a white girl - not racism, why?

It was reported in the Metro that a 15 year old girl (no I do not know her ethnicity, I am guessing she is white, because they always are, and the papers never say) was raped by a black male at the Bestival Festival.

He is described as being in his 20's. Report

You will notice that the Metro also carries a story that Kelis (black American singer) slams England as being racist after being called a slave in a queue (which she may barged into). report

Of course the lack of black football managers is down to racism too. John Barnes interview

But its not racism when a black footballer assaults or rapes a white women. Marlon King is a obvious example, but there are many to choose from.

Was War predicted on newsnight lastnight?

Emily, George Magnus (Senior Economics Advisor, UBS), Katinka Barysch (Centre for European reform), & Costas Lapavitas (Economist, University of London) were discussing Greek default.

Emily said that the Polish finance minister had said there would be / could be war within a decade – and no one seemed to find this prospect unlikely.

If war is coming – how does one prepare?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

You’re a hater and unattractive inside

I think this sums up how we are viewed by the ethnic community.

‘I truly despise you.
‘If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way because you’re out of control, you’re out of control.

‘You’re totally out of control. You’re a hater and you’re just unattractive inside.
‘Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow. What a loser.

Political Intolerance

They are discussing homosexuality on Radio 5 – and how in some countries it is illegal, and could result in the death penalty.

I was a member of the BNP – my name was exposed on the list, and I had a phone call from a previous manager (whom would consider themselves to be a liberal minded person) telling me I could no longer work for them. Someone else insulted me in Tesco’s – again a manager of a socially minded liberal organisation.

I received calls from the local press (luckily I was not in), and I received 1 letter from an unknown person (in support).

Where I work leaflets are distributed about the evil of the BNP, I suspect my job would be in jeopardy if I was exposed, and I am fearful of distributing leaflets – fearful for myself, my partner and my children.

It seems some intolerance is accepted.

Now the liberals will argue intolerance of intolerance is OK – well if that is the case, what is it that I am intolerant of.

Well let me say what it is I am intolerant of:-

.British people not being able to get British houses
.British people not being able to get British jobs
.White men and women being attacked and harassed in schools and on our streets by members of the ethnic communities and it is NOT treated as a racial offence
.Muslim pedophiles attacking white underage girls, raping them, abusing them and killing them, and again not considered a racial offence.
.Demands from ethnic groups for their culture and customs while ours are ignored, forgotten and replaced.

Monday, 12 September 2011

where’s Vanessa – exposing the Liberal dilemma

We all know Ms Redgrave gave her support to the residents of Dale farm – comparing what was happening to the gentle people there to the genocide of the Jews.

Although they have ‘broken’ planning regs.

I don't mean to get at Vanessa in particular – but she does sum up the Liberal attitude. Supporting ‘minority’ groups against state persecution, whatever the reality.

Yet strangely quiet, when a minority group treat ‘vulnerable’ adults as slaves – possibly for 40 odd yrs.

I may be wrong – but I suspect no world famous actors will turn up to support the slaves, I suspect no mass demonstrations or barricades.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Old white lady - middle aged black guy in car

I was queing for my daughters school unifrom last Saturday. Got there early, and had waited for about 45 mins.

A black guy turns up in his car – he parks on the corner of the road, on double yellow lines. He gets chatting to a lady in the queue. It seemed to me he was about 45, and he was waitning for the queue to fall away. Traffic was just about able to get passed him, but he was not in the way.

An old lady – over 80 – a local resident had to pass the queue of people waiting for the school stuff, and siad to this guy in the car ‘You are parked on double yellows’

‘WHO ARE YOU’ the black guy started shouting at the old lady. ‘GIVE ME A TICKET’

She bent her head and moved on ASAP. He shouted at her a few times.

‘What a horrible man’ I said under my breath – I DID NOT want him to hear.

NONE OF US Said anything to him.

I am sorry for being a coward – but let me tell you – if I confront scum like this – it will end badly for me.

Closer (to what Charles?)

So Charles said 09/11 had brought us closer together. This is a sentiment I hear expressed a lot by people in elite. Quite rightly I guess – why would any one want to create hatred and fear, but then again why would anyone want to lie?

So, what do we think – are we closer, or more divided.

100 Muslims burn flags today on 09/11. EDL static march in Tower Hamlets, Turkish kebab shop owners protect their properties as do gangs of Muslims and other ‘diverse' groups, Scottish Independence.

I don't see a country uniting – I see one tearing itself apart, or falling apart.

Do I see it because that is what I want to happen, because I am making it happen – or because it is happening?

Sticks and stones you stupid useless ****'s

I was walking home from the pub last night. Not that I go to the pub much, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Too old now for drinking what with work and children and all that jazz. I had had 4 pints so I was feeling a bit ‘relaxed’. In front of me I saw 2 black guys, walking slowly.

Now – you may think of me as a trouble making storm trooper on the look out for people to harass and abuse, but I try to keep my head down and get from A to B ASAP – it seems to save a lot of bother in my multicultural hell hole.

So, I saw these 2 black guys, and I suspected some form of abuse, and I was feeling relaxed. Do I keep walking at the speed at I am and over take them, or do I slow down and wait for them to have passed the way I have to go (if they do pass it), or do I cross the road and go out of my way to go home.

Maybe I am over re-acting. Black guys are nice, carry on, just go about your business and don't worry.

So moving along, I passed these guys – must have gone 5 or 6 steeps when one of them turns to his mate, and said (just loud enough for me to hear mind you) something about my walk and being gay.

Carry on – its all I can do.

But let me tell you all – I find black lads rude, abusive and insulting. But what really gets me is if I say something back it is I who is the racist, it is I whom am in the wrong.

I would move, but have no where to go, I do not have enough money. So for all you nice liberal sensible people tell me – What should I teach my son and daughters – they already come home from school saying this or that is racist.

Should I teach them ‘watch out for black lads – they’ll wind you up, make you feel guilty, exploit your guilt, attack you when you try to stand up for yourself, and generally make you feel bad’?