Friday, 27 January 2012

I call it Passive resistance

Yes – I know it already exists, but this is just my form of it – which helps me in the following situations.

I realised many moons ago, that there would be times when whatever I did or said would not be good enough for some people from our ethnic populations, and that they would either call me a racist, act aggressively towards me, or behave in a threatening way.

The counter arguement to my theory is that I am a racist – something I have considered, and although some / many people may think – I do not, and many agree with me. Which is part of the problem I think. On a personal note – my conclusion is there is no such thing as racism – but that is another blog.

I remember when I started my passive resistance theory – i was at Tescos. After standing in line, I was next to be served, I did not have a lot of items, and as usual – I just want to get out of there.

A black guy dressed as a rastafarian came upto me – he mumled something which I too k to mean came he get in front of me. I did not want to let him in front – partly because I wanted to get home, partly because he can wait like everyone else, partly because I could not understand him, and partly because his body language was a bit aggressive.

I realised if I said no – I would be risking him sucking through his teeth, or calling me ‘bloodclot’ and all that goes with it, or posibly he would just have a go at me for being a racist.

Ofcourse I would have no comeback on all of this – being white and all that. I have already been condemned as being a racist.

At that time Ghandi came to mind, dont know why, and his passive resistance. So I said nothing. The guy turned and went.

Powerful stuff this passive resistance I thought.

Now it maybe that this is all the guy would have done anyway – fair enough, you may be right, and I agree that this is a possability, however my life experiences tell me that I am far more loikely to get abuse in some form from a person from an ethinc minority when I do something, however ligitimate, that they do not like.

Yesterday I was serving a black lady and her 2 children, I wanted to confirm something very simple, I suspected the answer – it was obvious, but, as normal, I asked just for clarity. You would have thought I had asked her something terrible.

Then an black guy got upset.

It does occur to me that I am not the most friendly of person, and that by expecting aggression I may well be encouraging it, but I also know that how hard I try to be reasonable or polite, at times there is nothing I can to avoid the aggression – so I try to just think of passive resistance and hope for best.

It helps.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

C'mon English (British) nationalists

This is what we must aim for - a few years ago, under the leadership of her father the party was never going to win, now it has a chance.

In my view we need an inspiring leader - an Alex Salmon, a Marine, or a Geert Wilders - or maybe groups and parties like BNP, English Democrats, UKIP, EDL, Britain First and so on could form an alliance.

You guys have as much in common as you do against - if we concentrate on the positives, think about the things you could achieve - immigration, Islamisation of UK, lies of multicult - all these things and more could be addressed, properly.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What is wrong with this picture (and article)

Here is a link to the article in the Daily Telegraph

If you said all the kids are white – correct. Go to the top of the class.

Immigration has fuelled the biggest rise in primary school population for 50 years.

Somalian families have an average of 8 children, white brits have less than sustainable levels.

What will become of Britain in 10 yrs – when all these kids will be late teens, or 20yrs, or 30?

More Muslims (for example) means more mosques, more halal, more sharia – means more muslim voters, means more muslim ghettos, means more white no go zones, means more muslim politicians etc, etc, etc….

And they will ask in the future – what did they do to stop the genocide of the white ethnic brits – nothing,

They were too scared of being called racists.

Monday, 23 January 2012

racism - smacism

Adventures in my EDL polo shirt.

The day I brought my EDL polo I was like a sex mad school boy who was being propositioned by a naughty babysitter – a bag of nerves.

I kept getting to the confirm order button and chickening out. 3 times I back peddled, but eventually I purchased the item, size medium, colour white.

Part of me even suspected that it would not arrive, or that my meagre bank account may be fleased. But it did arrive, and it was medium and white.

I knew what I was buying was making a statement, and I also know many people will not like it, and some will take offence, and some will want to cause me damage because they are so offended.

But I am offended too, except it seems my offence does not count any more in dear ol’ blighty – I am too white, atheist – but pro christian, heterosexual, and low skilled to have any feelings it seems.

So – my EDL polo came, and I would wear it proudly in the house. Sometimes, when I forget and put the rubbish out I would find myself in the street, and I look around to make sure no body notices. I have been spotted – but they may not know – at least that is what I tell myself.

As some of you will know I live in one of those multicult zones – you know its multicult – because my culture is almost gone – so this Sunday I thought I would brave my EDL polo in the mid day sun, as I walk up to meet the trouble and strife in town.

So I did it – I put on my EDL polo shirt, splashed some but on, tucked it into my Brown jeans and walked to town. The walk took about 20 minutes – a few cyclists, a couple of walks past by. One cyclist shook his head as he passed me – but that was the extent of it.

The guy who lives across the road is Asian, he works for an organisation that deals with racism problems. When I first moved here we were quite friendly, he is a friendly chap, and so am I (sometimes). However he found out I was a member of the BNP when the names were released and since then he avoids me, although he did accept my offer of screen wash.

Anyway – he saw me walking with my EDL polo on.

I should come out of the closet – but I am afraid. My partner and children will be effected, political persecution is alive and kicking in this country my friends.