Friday, 11 November 2011

Rev - and the British cultural suicide

Rev started its second series last night. Straight in and a black West Indian women is mugged by a white scally wag.

I turned off.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poppies on the shirt (a poem)

We got poppies on the shirt

We’ve got shit in St Pauls– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got London burning bright– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got Mosques on our streets– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got Muslims in the Lords– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got sharia and no go zones– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got muslim pedo gangs– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got daughters presumed dead- kidnapped, abused, raped, tortured, executed and desecrated– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got Mullins prefer to die– but we got poppies on the shirt

We got immigrants no one knows– but we got poppies on the shirt

We wanted a land fit for heroes– but we got poppies on the shirt

Islam in the UK

This link to Vlad tepes shows Tommy Robinson driving through Luton with a reporter. He sees Saif Islam who calls him a racist and thumps him.

I can not express the admiration I feel for Tommy – he puts his life on the line to expose the truth, and here is a glimpse of it.

He is persecuted by the state, attacked and threatened.

Cameron talks Poppy cock

So our Dave banged on about FIFA allowing Poppies on football shirts – see how much he cares about our servicemen and women, he has not forgotten has he?

Army veteran Mark and his wife Helen Mullins reportedly killed themselves because they could not afford to live. They had had their 12 year old daughter taken into care, lived on 57.50, and Mrs Mullins had learning difficulties – did you forget them Dave.

What about the soldiers who become homeless (they have the highest rates), or alcoholism, or drug abuse, or suicides.

What about their families who are evicted from Military homes(like mine) when their parents divorce, they have high divorce rates.

Ofcourse then they cant get jobs, or houses anyway because all the immigrants have them.

12 Payments made to terrorists – could be 50,000,000 – BBC link

Illegal immigrants win right to stay in UK under squatters rights – telegraph link

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Warning - rubber bullets may be used

The Met stated that rubber bullets were one of the tools in the box. It seems like a threat to me.

Rubber bullets have never been used on the British mainland as I understand it.

I have my own views (immigration and Multicult) about how we got to this point, and I can only see a future where our society becomes more and more ugly, the next step could be the building of walls possibly in Bradford or parts of London.

What do you think?

Monday, 7 November 2011

What can I now say to a person from an ethnic group

Thinking some more about John Terry and it seems fair to say that if a white (English working class male) person ’stands up to’ a member from an ethnic group – they are called racist, so, what can I say?, how can I behave?

For example I know that if there is a queue I let black people and women in front of me, but can I disagree with a black person?

Can I argue?

Can I insult them, what if they insult me, do I have to wait to be insulted first, or can I insult them first.

What if they burn poppies, or insult our troops, or abuse old people.

What if they rape someone, or gang rape them, or assault them, or kill them?

But do you know what I find interesting – people will say this blog is racist, if you think it is I would be interested to know why.