Saturday, 21 April 2012

They will hear our voice, we are England

Thanks to Calling England

We are not shouting, we do not yell. We state our case, we debate, we argue, and we fight our corner.

We are not racists, we are not Islamaphobic, we do not hate because they are different, but we love because we are special, because we are all we have, and because we are being destroyed.

Democracy is dead

Mayoral candidates in London have refused to share a stage with the BNP candidate – Ken said he was a threat to democracy and elimination of our basic rights.

Now some of you will know I support some of what the BNP stand for – however, I can not think of any reason why someone would want to avoid a debate with him – if you believe in what you say, what you stand for, and what is right – surely you would argue with Old St. Nick himself.

Wouldn’t you?

But because they do not – I believe they have destroyed democracy themselves, by claiming they are saving it.

Careful England – you will get what you most fear, if you do not address your fears.

Percentages – cause and effect?

So the number of MPs who are privately educated has increased to 35%

Independant report

And the number of council and LA houses in Ealing which went to immigrants was 45%, with 43% in Haringey.

Huffington Post report

Do you think if those MPs lived where I do, send their kids to the schools I do, went to the schools we did, work where we do, shop where we do, walk where we do, catch the bus like we do.

Do you think they would let this happen?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Devil walked in Oxford

The Devil walked in Oxford

The Devil walked in Oxford
collecting white girls souls.
He looks different to them
and speaks with no morals.

He makes them feel good at first
a way to make them friends.
Then he abuses their trust
it was a means to his perverted ends.

Now he has them trapped
they are under his spell.
He passes the girls to his underlings
for them to abuse aswell.

The Mayor and leaders all hid
too scared to show their face.
They gave the Devil the freedom
of that god foresaken place.

But some had seen the Devil
tried to warn us he was here
But the Leaders said ‘do not worry’
‘We only have you to fear’

So the Devil was free to do
just as he so pleased.
So he took those young girls
and made their souls bleed.

And still the Devil walks with ease
across this sceptred land.
But we must no longer blame others
because we all give him a free hand.

But be careful if you see him
try not to make a fuss.
Remember who the leaders hate
it is not the devil – it is us.