Sunday, 1 July 2018


Something is changing - the tide is turning - it can not be turned back

Saturday, 30 June 2018

I AM A FREEBORN ENGLISH MAN (a poem for Tommy Robinson)


I can stand
because others fall.
I can walk
because others did crawl.

Mud, Blood and bone.

I can shout
because others spoke.
I can think
because others awoke.

Paper, ink and iPhone.

I am a Freeborn EnglishMan
and before me lies a choice.
Do I remain forever silent
Or do I use my only voice.

I am a Freeborn EnglishMan
now I must pay a price.
To hold onto this very title
what will I sacrifice.

I went down to Speakers Corner
I marched on Freedom day
I stood outside of Downing Street
After they took the truth away

So what are we now England
Can we take pride in what we have become.
The future lies before us
We must shape it or be forever undone.

I am a Freeborn EnglishMan
I know what is right and wrong
I stand with Tommy Robinson
This is where I belong.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Right on!

Its been a thought of mine for some time that the voice on the right needs (or could be enhanced with) a newspaper - a sort of fanzine type thing for right wing politics.
Not that I believe in left or right - just good or bad political decisions - anyway..
I have discussed this with some people on twitter - and the feedback I get is positive - ie, they seem to agree.
But - time, money etc - are all against us.
So - I am proposing putting together an example and seeing how it goes from there - and I suggest calling the paper RIGHT ON!
But - as a man of very limited means I will not be able to print out the paper - but I could e mail it to you or twitter it - and you could print it out for yourself.
There is something about the written word - seems to concentrate the mind more than the word on the screen - I think?
Invoking the spirit of the Knights Templar
I have been reading about the Templar Knights recently and it struc me how litte I knew about them - and what I thought I knew - was wrong.
Anyway - to cut a long story short - the knights were set up to protect the holy lands and christians from murder, rape and harrassment by muslims and others.
They were then destroyed by the French King and let down by the Pope - who may have had good reasons - but did not speak up for them.
It all sounds very familiar with what is happening now - both in terms of persecution of white people and the inability to challenge immigration and black and muslim immigation and its effects inparticular.
So - right on! - I see this as being a cross between the voice, the big issue and the football fanzines of the 90's with a little bit of the viz thrown in.
Would like real life stories of people who have been mistreated by the ethnic community - ignored and persecuted - in any way - big or small.
I woud also like to include things from south Africa - where being white seems very dangerous - and from the rest of Europe and the world.
I would like to include stories of peoples interests - sporting or hobbies - think people are amazing on youtube - for the idea.
i think we should have political opinions / ideas and analysis
Talk about the debt problem - poverty and so on.
And if we can include humour too.
Anyway - what do you think?
Thinking of the Templars - our desire for trut shall be our armour and our willingness to say it our sword - we must tell the truth - or seek to find it.
And I would like to get the first issue out on christmas day - 894 years since their formation
Please avoid foul and abusive language - please avoid slandering people etc
Any feedback would be most welcome - or if you  want to submit something please e mail me on

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll - many thanks.

I know its corny :)
When returning soldiers were abused
Tommy and kevin stood up and said this is not acceptable.
Thank you
When teenage girls were missing
Tommy and Kevin asked why
Thank you
When pre-teen and teenage girls were being raped and abused
Tommy and Kevin said stop
Thank you
When London was burning
Tommy and Kevin tried to put it out
Thank you
When Lee Rigby was murdered
Tommy and Kevin said enough
Thank you
When they tried to spread Sharia, Halal, Burquas
Tommy and Kevin said no more
Thank you
The media, Police, CPS, Politicians all were too cowardly to react to these incidents - scared of being called racists or islamaphobics.
So Tommy and Kevin spoke out.
Thank you
and the cost was great - threatened, attacked, vilified, slandered, threatened and arrested.
Thank you 
You have saved lives, you have raised awareness and you have spoken out against an evil spreading within our country.

Monday, 7 October 2013

White girls are easy - ever wondered why?

White girls are easy to groom and exploit
to kick, punch in the face, burn and brand.

White girls are easy to fuck
to give drugs and booze
to punch in the face, and kick and burn

white girls are easy to scare
assaulted to abort their child

white girls are easy - ever wondered why?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Did immigration and multicult have a part to play in death of Hamzah Khan

In no way am I trying to excuse what Amanda Hutton has done - the death of that child is a horrific.

However I also think Hamzahs father has a part to play - Aftab Khan - Police were called to the property on  many occassions due to dometic violence - the first time was 28.05.1996 (9yrs before Hamzah was born)

And the last time was 04.12.2008 - which led to the break up of the relationship and Aftabs only conviction for assault.

There had been 12 years bewteen the first and last reported domestic violence incidents - this must have effected Amanda - mustn't it?

I notice Aftab did not get any charges for the death of Hamzah - man enough to have sex with Amanda, man enough to assault her - but not man enough to take care of her and / or help her care for his kids?

But onto the wider issue - in a society where you dont know your neighbours, dont speak their language, dont look like them - dont know them - how can we look after the mot vulnerable - by relying on the state?

But we must pay for this service - and hope that people pick up on these signs etc...

I dont know about you - but our society has a part to play - breakdown of families, breakdown of communities