Saturday, 8 October 2011

More white racism

From the daily mail - black officer accuses white officers of racism for 'doing their job', and suspecting that people with Arabic names may be terrorists.

Daily mail article

And pride of Britain Tariq Jahan is facing a charge for a 'road rage attack'.

Just between you and me, I would love to know the 'race' of his victim, and do you think they may ask for his award back if he is convicted?

BBC reminds white people they are racists.

The BBC is doing a season of programs and films about people of mixed race origin. George Alagiah kicked off with a documentary that explained how racist white men took offence and rioted because their sweethearts were romanced by black American soldiers.

Ofcourse it is forgotten that more people did not riot, more people did not care what colour skin someone had, and some of the women seemed far from racists.

However – put yourself in the returning British soldiers shoes – I recall them getting upset with white American soldiers trying their luck with the English girls while they were sacrificing their lives for our freedoms. Freedoms, by the way which mixed race, black and Muslim people now enjoy here and around the world.

Trust the BBC to honour that memory and sacrifice by calling those men racists.

Another documentary explores the relationships between twins of different colours, 1 black and white. It was reported in the paper that 1 white twin and his white cousin had formed a white gang against the black twin.

I hate white people – mind you – begs the question if we are so evil – why they keep coming, and staying.

Maybe they just want to educate us?

Update 09.10.11.

The daily mail has reported the story of the twins - the white twin and his cousin formed a white gang - which the Mother said was a bit hurtful Because Kaydon feels left out. (although I suspect black twins are capable of something similar with their black cousins or friends - but this is never going to be reported)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Here is another not racist attack

Sgt Smellie (mixed race) was not even charged - seems Nicola Fisher doesn't count either. But then again she is only a white women.

And we must not charge ethnic cops - must we Ali (G) Dizaei.

Mixed race male attacks white female

Another professional mixed race sportsman attacks a white women for not liking it when he grabbed her breast - so he glassed her in the face.

Ofcourse this is not a racist attack, although they do not say why.

Daily mail

Yet when black footballers are called horrible names by Bulgarian football fans (white males) this is ofcourse racism. BBC report

Nice to know the law is fair and equal regardles of colour or creed, or gender, or fairness and equality.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

If my eye offends

No more talk of Christmas
No more BC or AD
No more ba ba black sheep
I must not offend thee

Instead we must praise Islam
Give black actors white parts
Our culture no longer matters
Sacrificed for the Multicult arts

I'm sorry my culture is so offensive
I'm sorry I have nothing to give
But permit me a simple question
Why is it here that YOU chose to live?

Ah - you wanted something 'better'
For yourself and your family
Well that seems fair enough
But now MY country has forsaken me

Monday, 3 October 2011

Consider what an Asylum seeker is saying

They are saying please help me and my family, house us, feed us, clothe me, look after us - because we are in fear for our lives in the country of our birth because of cruel and evil leaders.

They want to torture us, and kill us, because we have spoken the truth about them.

Now consider Aso Mohammed Ibrahim - From the daily mail:

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim knocked down Amy Houston (12) and left her to ‘die like a dog’ under the wheels of his car. He was driving while disqualified and after the little girl’s death he committed a string of further offences.
Earlier this year Mr Cameron wrote to Amy’s father promising reforms that would ensure ‘that rights are better balanced against responsibilities’.
He said the Human Rights Act would be replaced by a British Bill of Rights.
But yesterday Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd, won his lengthy fight to stay in Britain.

Amy had no human rights, she could not claim Asylum.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim has committed the most evil of crimes - he has killed a little girl, while he asked us to protect him from death or torture.