Saturday, 10 March 2012

Book burning – why burn the Koran?

I recall when Americans in the deep south used to burn books – this was to prevent the young being led astray. The book burners wanted the books destroyed completely, so nobody would ever read that ‘thing’ again.

Now with the koran – I dont think any of the book burners want the koran obliterated – I think they are just expressing their hatred of Islam – which in my mind is fair enough, not something that I would do, but something that I can appreciate.

But it also occurs to me that this bloody book has got a real hold on us – we fear reprisal if the koran is burnt, and Muslims exploit this fear – which is not healthy for anyone – us in particular.

So for these reasons I think it is becoming more important to burn the koran – not to stop anyone from reading it, but to show it is just a book, it has no power over us, and we will not be intimidated into doing what you want.

Does this not shame us?

Not because it has happened – which is bad enough.

But because when people like me, link Islam and the sexual abuse, rape and murder of white (non muslim) vulnerable (under age) girls together – we are called racists, or Islamaphobic.

A young girl recalled in court how – when she was 15 she woke to find a man raping her -after 3 men got her drunk.

BBC report