Friday, 18 November 2011

Tiger shakes hands with a panther

So it seems a black sportsman can shake hands with a white man, after the white man has called him a rude word in a moment of ‘release’.

Why is it OK for Tiger to forgive?

Is it because he is (was) the Master – they say racism is about power.

Or is because golf is a nice middle class sport- no racism in the middle classes – they just move because the schools are better in all white areas, and they can blame the working class for being racis because they use ‘language’. Middle classes have mastered the art of saying one thing and doing another. Oh, power again.

Or is because Tiger has earnt over a billion dollars with Steve Williams’ help?

Today the BBC wheeled out the trump card to tell white people they are racists – Lord david of beckham - goldenballs himself has declared Blatter a racist.

Not guilty

Must be true then.

Not once did I hear an arguement that Blatter might have a point – even the devil deserves a fair hearing.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vote for whom you want - it is a free country

White men ARE racists – sack Blatter now!

Herr Blatter has dared to suggest that white men might say something they don’t mean, and regret in anger, in the heat of battle.

Is this man an idiot.

Whatever next – maybe he’d like us to think football is a game.

‘Send the kafir bitch to hell’ the words Ashtiaq Asghar texted to Ishaq Hussein before they killed Laura Wilson aged 17. No monuments to Laura, no inquiries, no cries of racism by the press and politicians, and liberal elite.

No – much more important to sack Blatter for saying sense.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

When will it be called genocide?

What percentage of British people from an ethnic background must there be, before people (the liberal elite) start to use the word genocide – in terms of the genocide of the white british race.





good news for Multicult

From the daily mail (16.11.11)

White British pupils are now in a minority in many secondary schools in England, according to academic research.
The number of ethnic minority pupils in secondary schools has sharply risen by 57 per cent in a decade, a survey by King’s College London has found.
In some parts of England, such as inner London, up to two-thirds, or 67 per cent, of secondary pupils across a borough are from ethnic minorities

Study author describes 'irrevocable change'
Trend seen right across England
In Tower Hamlets, ethnic pupils make up 90%

Is this related?

A white teenage mother was stabbed to death and her body dumped in a canal after her married Asian lover rejected her child, a court heard yesterday.

Student Laura Wilson, 17, was killed by 18-year-old Ashtiaq Asghar, having allegedly been lured alone to the canal by his friend and her former lover Ishaq Hussain, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

What about this?

The UK economy suffered a double blow today as youth unemployment smashed through the one million mark and the Bank of England slashed growth forecasts to just one per cent.

The number of jobless 16 to 24-year-olds soared by 67,000 and now stands at 1.02 million - the highest number out of work since records began in 1992.

Total unemployment rose by 129,000 in the latest quarter to 2.62million, the worst figure since 1994.

The Office of National Statistics said the jobless rate had now hit 8.3%.


Look out of your front window – good chance you probably see tarmac, 2 lanes of road, cars parked all along.

Any kids playing, any laughter?

Imagine getting rid of only 1 lane and planting a few trees, putting some grass where the grey used to be. Imagine what this would do to the environment, the birds, the wildlife, the kids?

Now imagine getting rid of both lanes (yes – getting rid of all the road where you live) – and planting more trees, laying more grass – what would this do for the environment.

Dont be silly Pym – how would we get to work?

You mean work to pay for a new iPad, in cars where we should not smoke because of the damage it does to our childrens health – so we can bring them up in an environment where they ant to take drugs, get sloshed, play computers, avoid relationships, develop ADHD, give kids drugs, asthma, obesity, loneliness.

Is this the life you want for your kids.

No jobs, no homes – compete – excel, better, better, better. Why Dad, Why Mum – because that is the way to get a house, a job.

Or just stop immigration, deport all illegal immigrants, aim to reduce the population.

Pym – you’re such a dreamer.

But am I the only 1 (if I am I probably should be in hospital)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Why do the elite 'hate' the white working class

So Mr Ed and Vince both claim the St Pauls dmonstrators have something to say – they make good points about our society.

Yet when the EDL protest, in far greater numbers, they are called sick, worthless, ignorant, racists, neo nazi, far right.

The St Pauls mob (nice middle class) are saying the rich are too rich.

The EDL (white working class) are saying no to sharia, no to muslim pedo gangs, no to the cultural takeover of our cities and country.