Friday, 22 July 2011

Remembering Peter Connelly

Dr Jerome failed to spot abuse to Peter Connolly has returned to work.


I had blogged before (on MYT - Daily telegraph blog site) that the Multicult dream did not kill baby P - but in my view it did not HELP to prevent his death, which is what GPs should do, and are employed to do. (it is our taxes that pay their wages)

Is it possible to PROPERLY assess a GPs merit if they are black or other ethnic group, after all if it is decided they are incompetant, then they will sue for racism (everyone knows this - so their assessment is worthless).

And if I ask to see a white GP (because I do not trust black or other ethnic ones)- then I will properly be asked to leave the surgery and have a visit from the PC police accusing me of racism.

Remember the other GP whpo saw baby P and sent him home because he was grumpy - Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat. At the time baby P saw Dr Al-Zayyat he had a broken back - he died 2 days later.

Baby P is in the constituency of David Lammy and Lynne Featherstone - 2 champions of the multicult dream - who also saw Victoria Climbie murdered. Victorias death was in part blamed on cultural insensitivity.

But NOT baby P's

WHY? - I ask again, Dave, Tony, Gordon, Lynne, Lammy - Can you hear me, are you listening, do you even care.