Saturday, 20 August 2011


Conservative councillor and Leader of the Council Ravi Govindia of Wandsworth has ordered the eviction of a tenant due to alleged rioting.

If that tenant is white English born in my opinion this is a racist act. I presume Mr Govindia just wants to make space for more immigrants.

Yes - Liberals, I know I made no mention if the tenant is black, and I suppose it is also racist - but who defends the white (working class) person.

Look in your inner cities, in your council and housing association properties and see the ethnic mix - the white people are being ethnically cleansed from these properties, and from our cities, and from our country.

'Ethnically cleansed - thats a bit harsh Pym' I hear some of you say.

Well - what do you call it? Intergration. Its intergration so long as white English people disapper is it?

Multiculturalism - does multiculturalism mean the destruction of ours?

C'mon - tell me, I would like to know.

Dave - they are not cowards

David Cameron called the bombing of the British consul in Afghanistan wicked and cowardly. These attacks are anything but cowardly Mr Cameron. All the people who carry them out know they will die.

Some of them may have been threatened to carry them out, some of them are very young teenagers, some of them have been captured and harrassed, some may even be paid - money which they hope will feed their families, some of them believe in the cause - fighting a foreign invader.

Mr Cameron, I realise you are trying to belittle these people, but in my eyes you only belittle yourself, and our armed services fighting these people. This is an act of bravery and make no mistake about it.

Sending an army into a war, in which you will never see death, blood and gore - THAT is cowardice.

At least these people believe in a country, a culture a society - it may be unappealing to us, and many many people around the world, but not to them. We on the other hand seem content to allow our country to be colonised, our society destroyed, our culture forgotten, our laws abused, our freedoms sacrificed.

If we do not treat our enemies with the respect they deserve - we will end up regretting it.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blacky on the Move

A rat bit my Grannies face
(with Blacky on the move)
This country is a disgrace
(and Blacky's on the move)
Doctor sent baby Peter home
(but Blacky's on the move)
Ten years from now, what will happen then
(while Blacky's on the move)
Council kicked those English out
('cause Blacky's on the move)
Asylum Seekers need our help
(but Blacky's on the move)
I wonder why he stole his shirt
('cause Blacky's on the move)
We gave them plenty work already
(with Blacky on the move)
Taxes to pay for all this mess
immigrants makin' me a nervous wreck
The price of food is goin' up
An' as if all this shit wuzn't enough
A Rat bit my Grannies face
(with Blacky on the move)
This country is a disgrace
(But Blacky on the move)
All that money they stole last year
(For Blacky on the move)
How come there aint no money here
(Hmmm Blacky on the move)
You know I jus' 'bout had my fill
(of Blacky on the move)
I think I'll send 'em Doctors home
Airmail special
(to Blacky on the move)

Thanks to Gil Scott-Heron - Whitey on the moon - which I updated.


It's simple, this is not difficult Ian, stop immigration - YOU are in a position to do it.

And let me tell you that the British Worker will not let you down, show faith in us, and you will be rewarded.

It is reported in the mail today that 'The number of British people of working age with jobs has plummeted by nearly 100,000 since David Cameron took office – but nearly 300,000 foreigners have found work.'

Looking for a new England

Some pictures seem to capture the 'truth' - this picture does.

You may well recognise the lyric from a song Billy Bragg wrote - A new England. Billy is no friend of groups like the BNP, and I can imagine what he thinks of the riots and this photo.

But I doubt Billy had this in mind when he asked for a New England, but here we are.

Are you happy with the persecution of white people Billy. Whats that, I'm a racist idiot. OK fair enough.

But - how much shall we give. A shirt, a life, a house, a street, a town, a city, 2 cities, a country?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Richard mannington Bowes - suspect charged

A 16 year old (black) male has been charged with the murder of 68 year old Richard Mannington Bowes.

It was reported that onlookers shouted 'no, no - he is just an old man' before the youth punched Mr Bowes in the face.

You will notice that there are no 'racism' charges.

Let me ask - do YOU think that youth would have punched a 68 year old black man.

I dont.

Just thinking

If all Muslims are not terrorists.

And all blacks are not looters.

What does that make all BNP supporters?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Whip hand update

Vincetn Miller (drug dealer) was not deported by a black muslim judge (I have not seen him, but I am guessing from his name)

12 year old threatened with eviction for stealing a bottle of wine.

Note they are white - article here

I guess the house will then be put to a good cause - a nice immigrant family, who only deal drugs and set fire to our cities?

Oh - I am being silly.

Imagine what it is like to be evicted, imagine if you had a family - the damage that would do to you and your children.

Shame on us all.

Black man will have the whip hand.

Judge Farook Ahmed said deporting Vincent Miller (who has been deported twice) would be devastating for his 3 children. Mr Miller has been convicted of supplying class 3 drugs.

It appears as though this Judge or recorder works for 7 Bedoford Row barristers based in London.

David Starkey

Oh dear, Mr David Starkey forgot, or perhaps he does not know the 'golden race rule' - a white man can not criticise a black person, or community, and if he does it is only because he is a racist.

Article here

Though I did think it was interesting that a few 'well known' faces like Toby Young did come out to support the good Dr.

Would they support Nick Griffin, or Tommy Robinson in quite the same 'white middle class superior intellectual way' I wonder?.

To be honest I dont wonder - I know the answer to that question and it is 'No' they would not - in fact they would be among the firt to stick the boot in.

One rule for them, one for us. Hey Ho.

Update - Richard Mannington Bowes (68)

A 16 year old boy has been charged with murder, and his mother with an act that was intended to pervert the course of justice. Mail article here.

A couple of things to note:-

Firstly - and I am thinking that the murderer is black - no RACISM charges. Why?.

Secondly - many of the looters have had their pictures and identites revealed in the press, not this murderer though. Why? - is it because in the words of Ali G (and Lewis Hamilton) is it 'coz Iz iz black'.