Saturday, 11 February 2012

Christians run for your life – leave UK now!

I just wish I could advise you where to go – it seems you are as wanted here (and elsewhere) as much as we are (white (working class) English / british).

Maybe we could join up?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Dear members and supporters of the UAF

On monday 47 muslim men attended court in Liverpool on charges relating to sexual assault and abuse of young girls aged under 16. These girls are to the best of my knowledge all white, and not muslims.

Members and supporters of groups like the BNP, EDL and others were there protesting about the sexual abuse of our girls by gangs of muslim men, some of you were there protesting about the BNP and EDL being there.

I can understand that you are opposed to these groups, I too believe that haters of particular groups of people should be exposed for the vile evil people they are – which is why I support the BNP and EDL. The group of people most at risk of political, physical, sexual attack and murder is the white English – as were are witnessing on a daily basis. Muslim men are engaged in forming gangs and identifying the most vulnerable white English girls whom they groom and sexually abuse, and have murdered.

As a supporter of the BNP and EDL may I also point out that I and everybody I have ever met or communicated with whom also belongs or supports these groups in no way advocates violence and sexual assault.

I appreciate that you do not agree with the BNPs and EDL policies and philosophy – but I think you should have the confidence to let them have their say, then you can have yours – and WE the great British public can make up ur own mind abut whom we trust.

Simply shutting the other opinion up does democracy no favours, healthy debate on the other hands benefits us all. It seems to me this is a reasonable request, and one I guess you wuld agree with.

Anyway – taking all this into account, I would be grateful if you would explain to me why you went to Liverpool t demonstrate against the BNP and EDL. I suspect you do not agree with pedophilia, gang rape of minors and murder – so I can only assume that your hatred of the BNP etc is so strong that you will protest against them

Even if you think they are right.

Further more if these victims of gang rape were Muslims or black girls targeted by jewish or white gangs I suggest to you that you would be attending court protesting against the perpetrators of this evil. Quite rightly.

The difference is – is that the BNP and EDL would let you.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Daniel Stringer-Prince (17)

Dear moderate muslims

Nice to hear so many of you talking with such passion on shows like radio 5’s your call this morning, about Abu Hamza – it seems you feel the rule of law should be observed in this case.

I recall you speaking with equal passion about why Geert Wilders should not come to the UK.

It seems to me that this is less about the rule of law and more about Muslims, but why would you speak up for this man in particular. It occurs to me that people like Hamza blaze a trail for you to follow, next to him you gain position, voice, respectability and power. You need him and his kind to further your own islamic (personal) agendas.

What, I hear you cry – an attack on a muslim is an attack on us all. Fair enough, except when a muslim attacks us (white, British, Christians / non muslim) and we criticise muslims we are called islamaphobic or racists.

Or we are reminded that it is only a very small minority of muslims carrying out horrible acts.

So it seems to me that you want your laws when it suits you.

But I have a suggestion – maybe you could ask your muslim men to stop gang raping, abusing, grooming, assaulting and killing our under aged girls.

Or maybe you could ask your young men and women to stop assaulting our young men and women.

Or maybe you could ask your people to stop plotting to kill us.

Or maybe you could ask your people to stop encouraging other muslims to come here illegally.

These are just a few suggestions I have for now, but I do have a number of others. Lets see how we get on with these first.

Many thanks