Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I the Devil is due a defence, and we must listen to his filth, but I prey that justice is done. I also prey that racism charges will be brought - but I know that will not happen - the girls were only white British - so dont count as much.

From the mail today

'Child sex victims were prostitutes with enough business acumen to win The Apprentice', man at centre of sex gang trial tells court59-year-old took his sweater off and ripped out a clump of chest hair in court demanding why one of the victims didn't tell police about his hairy body
Alleged ringleader is first of 11 men to take to the stand to deny charges of child sex exploitation
He claimed he had long term relationship with one of the 'victims' who he thought was 18 and working as a prostitute
During one outburst he said: 'Where are the white people? You have only got my kind here'
He blamed social services and police for 'doing nothing'

Kevin Harrison (48)


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immigration, assimilation, intergration....


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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The perils of thinking for yourself

So Gove wants people to think for themselves – it seems to me this may be a mistake. You could end up forming opinions they do not like – and then they call you names (racist, facist, nazi – usually).

They attack and assault you, threaten you and your family, damage your house and possessions, telephone your boss and make trouble for you, stop you getting work or a promotion or transfer, all in all make life very difficult for you.

So my advice for anyone looking to think for yourself – just make sure you agree with them, it may save you a lot of trouble.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bradford - why George won.

Tommy Robinson is a courageous man

Don’t know if you saw the Big Question show this morning – but it was apparant to me that Tommy was attacked by muslim and liberal ‘guests’ on the show – typically he was referred to as far right despit him asking for a definiton.

He also spoke up about muslim grooming (of girls from the ages of 11), which was brushed over, he spoke up about the use of burquas druing arm raids – which was brushed over, he spoke up about islams inability to intergrate – which was brushed over, he asked a muslim guest about his links to militant islamic groups (banned) – which was brushed over, he spoke up about up a womens place in sharia law – which was brushed over, and he spoke up attacks upon him and threats to his family – which was brushed over.

And yesterday he was in Denmark – here is an article in vlad tepes about this visit.

During the Big Question show the significance of the EDL was discussed – well to my mind they have raised the public conciousness about the serious threats and damage islam has done to this country, europe and the world – but please do not take my word for this, I would like nothing better than for liberal / open minded people to investigate the things I have said, argue with me, or possibly see that people like me have a point, and then we can do something to tackle this.