Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tommy Robinson is a courageous man

Don’t know if you saw the Big Question show this morning – but it was apparant to me that Tommy was attacked by muslim and liberal ‘guests’ on the show – typically he was referred to as far right despit him asking for a definiton.

He also spoke up about muslim grooming (of girls from the ages of 11), which was brushed over, he spoke up about the use of burquas druing arm raids – which was brushed over, he spoke up about islams inability to intergrate – which was brushed over, he asked a muslim guest about his links to militant islamic groups (banned) – which was brushed over, he spoke up about up a womens place in sharia law – which was brushed over, and he spoke up attacks upon him and threats to his family – which was brushed over.

And yesterday he was in Denmark – here is an article in vlad tepes about this visit.

During the Big Question show the significance of the EDL was discussed – well to my mind they have raised the public conciousness about the serious threats and damage islam has done to this country, europe and the world – but please do not take my word for this, I would like nothing better than for liberal / open minded people to investigate the things I have said, argue with me, or possibly see that people like me have a point, and then we can do something to tackle this.

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