Saturday, 5 November 2011


This article is from the BNP website.

There have been twice as many rapes committed in Oslo so far this year as in the whole of 2010, nearly all of them by immigrants, Oslo Police statistics have revealed. Of the 48 rapes committed in the city in 2011, a suspected 45 were by people of a ‘non-Western background’ (code for non-white), most of whom are said to be asylum seekers


More on the John Terry 'issue'

So Tigers ex-caddy called Tiger a rude word, the media are sort of upset about this -but use the words context a lot. It seems that if a rude word is used in the right context, then it is not racist.

Maybe - or maybe its because golf is a nice middle class sport, or maybe its because Tiger sacked his loyal caddy and slept around with women while married a white women, or maybe its all just a load of people trying to get power.

Also, you may recall Patrick Evra and Louis Suarez - this seems to have gone away, maybe this is because Suarez is not white, working class - but Latin American, or maybe its because Evra is French.

Who knows - but all I see is the desire to crucify JT.

In my own life - from what I have seen and heard, I came to the conclusion that racism does not exist - from this moment on it was like a mist was lifted from my eyes, and I was able to see the harm and damage that migration and the multicult lie was doing to this country.

It seems to me that white people may well come to this conclusion - but not until they have been (nearly) eliminated from this country.

What then?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What would Mohamed do?

The St Pauls protesters have posed a question that has shaken the CofE to its core – caused resignations, apologies and soul searching.

‘What would Jesus do’?

If the actions of his modern day followers is anything to go by – quit, or get tied up in a paradox of ones own making seem to be the flavour of the day – not that they are bad choices.

But this got me wondering – ‘What would Mohamed do’?

And if the action of his followers are anything to go by then the answers seem to be ‘terrorise, blow up those insult Mohamed, rape children, attack white non Muslim's, kill some, assault many, attack RE teachers, demand sharia laws and halal food and clothing to hide women, demand rights and money when we say we dont get it, blame others (western non Muslims), and erode the countries we settle in of their culture, laws, customs and people.

Monday, 31 October 2011

3 more tales from the joy of multicult

All from the daily mail today:-

Binyam Mohamed (remember him) received the money after claiming he was tortured with the complicity of the British security services at the U.S.’s infamous Guantanamo Bay naval base. In March this year he paid £250,000 in cash for a terrace house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in Norbury, South London –a short distance from the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre

A midwife who nearly strangled a newborn to death with its umbilical cord has been found guilty of misconduct.

Mercy Ngozi Okeke - who was employed at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent between January 3 to February 24, 2006 - denied around 30 separate allegations claiming they were fabricated by colleagues.

But she was found guilty by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and now faces a ban from the medical profession.

(if the child was white she should be charged with racism offences)

An extreme Muslim group which caused outrage by burning a poppy last Remembrance Sunday is planning further disruption on November 11, with a twisted 'Hell for Heroes' campaign.
The demo, which mocks the charity for injured soldiers Help for Heroes, is due to take place outside the Royal Albert Hall, the same location where a poppy was burned last year.
Emdadur Choudhury, who burned the poppy, was fined just £50.

(notice they hate our country and customs so much they decide to stay here, and accept benefits, housing, education, television and everyhting they can)

Sing it with me folks - WE ALL LIVE IN A MULTICULT DREAM.

Terry makes a white man foul

John Terry made the mistake of forgetting one of the golden rules, in this case a white (English / working class / successful) man must not stand up for himself against a black (or other ethnic group, in particular Muslim) male.

If he does he is a racist.

Why the brackets (English / working class / successful) - the more of those he fits - the more racist he is.