Friday, 23 March 2012

Obamas Son

Look – lets not mention that he is president, and should be responsible for all. Oooooohps.

OK – Trayvon is a good looking kid – who would not want him as a son.

But Barak what about Tyrone Woodfork – are you his father – he raped and murdered an 85 year old (white) women, and beat her (white) husband who survived.

Do you disown this child?

Or do you only pick the good looking ones, who may have been victims – but shall we find out the facts first Mr President?

Just in case you were curious – the Woodfork case was not racist, and did not provoke any media outcry.

I Wonder why

Oh – And Obama may never have a son, so we will never know what he looks like – but we know what his mum looked like – I guess she was similar to the 85 year old women who Woodfork raped and killed.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chalk and Cheese

Some people (liberals and Muslims etc..) will try and compare the murders of children by SSgt Bales with those of M Merah - I agree they are similar, but not the same.

SSgt Bales (I have no wish to justify this evil - but we must be prepared for this debate) was under stress, sme of his own doing. The Army it seems made him promises not to go back, which it changed.

War is evil.

M Mareh was not in battle, he was not in the Army - he was influenced by an idelog that wishes to destroy the country he and his family live in - the cunty his family chose to move to. He can vote, he can complain, he can campaign - but he chose to kill children.

SSgt Bales chose to kill chilren as well, and that is equally as evil - but no war has ever been fair and square - if any Govt, sends its people into battle, it must do all it can to prevent atrcities - did the Americans do alll they could / all they should to prevent Bales losing it?