Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Devil walked in Oxford

The Devil walked in Oxford

The Devil walked in Oxford
collecting white girls souls.
He looks different to them
and speaks with no morals.

He makes them feel good at first
a way to make them friends.
Then he abuses their trust
it was a means to his perverted ends.

Now he has them trapped
they are under his spell.
He passes the girls to his underlings
for them to abuse aswell.

The Mayor and leaders all hid
too scared to show their face.
They gave the Devil the freedom
of that god foresaken place.

But some had seen the Devil
tried to warn us he was here
But the Leaders said ‘do not worry’
‘We only have you to fear’

So the Devil was free to do
just as he so pleased.
So he took those young girls
and made their souls bleed.

And still the Devil walks with ease
across this sceptred land.
But we must no longer blame others
because we all give him a free hand.

But be careful if you see him
try not to make a fuss.
Remember who the leaders hate
it is not the devil – it is us.


  1. I have taken the liberty of reproducing your poem on my blog, with a linked attribution to you and your blog. I trust this is cool.

    1. No probs. odoofaquitaine. I am glad you thought it had merit. Pym.