Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What to say to a muslim extremist at a mosque

Radio 2 (Jeremy Vine show) today were discussing the extradition of muslim ‘extremists’ to the states. The last word went to a muslim caller (ofcourse).

He said he had no problem with Abu Hamza being extradited, but there was no evidence against Baba Ahmad, and what could he say to an extremist at his local mosque.

Oh – how about ‘please stop planning and inciting people to kill innocent civilians’ for a start. Just an idea. I know its a bit wacky, but, could be worth a go.


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  2. Hi odoofaquitaine - many thanks for your links. The more I see about what is going on the more determined I become to expose this double standard, and shout out STOP KILLING & RAPING WHITE PEOPLE.