Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ethnic Doctors kill English child (Harry Connolly)

RIP Harry Connolly, we will nt forget you, we will not forget Baby Peter. God bless. Killed (in part) by immigration, multicult and Political correctness.

April 26: Harry was first referred to Northampton General Hospital (NGH) by his GP after his parents had become worried that he had been suffering from diarrhoea for four days. He was examined by Dr Farhana Shamim, who assessed he was not dehydrated but recommended that he be given Dioralyte, to boost his salt and sugar levels.

April 27: Harry was discharged at 10.30am after being examined by Dr Ayevbekpen Omorgie who said the parents could have a ‘48-hour open access’ to the ward which would fast-track them back without needing to go through the admittance process.

April 28: At 3.30pm, Harry was readmitted to hospital after his condition deteriorated. Harry was examined by Dr Tasnim Arif who said she did not believe he was dehydrated and recommended that he be given more Dioralyte.

Harry was not re-weighed and no blood test was carried out. At 5.41pm, Dr Arif discharged Harry and his parents were again told they had ‘open access’ to the ward.

April 29: Harry appears ‘lifeless’. Harry’s grandmother, Val Faulkner, rang NGH and was told by a nurse they should take the toddler to their GP or accident and emergency. The nurse could not find Harry’s notes or paperwork which showed he had ‘48-hour access’ to the ward. This information would have been available if the electronic notes had been checked.

After phoning the GP out-of-hours service, the family spoke to Dr Mary McCracken who said they should bring him in to the out-of-hours service as he may be suffering from dehydration. At Nenedoc Harry was examined by Dr Aboo Thamby who assessed that he was not dehydrated and did not need to be re-admitted to NGH. Dr Thamby advised the parents to try to get Harry to eat some rice or yoghurt.

April 30: Harry’s parents reported that he was 'brighter' but his fingers and toes were very cold.

May 1: At 4am Harry was found dead in his bed by his father

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Doctors - Dr Farhana Shamim,Dr Ayevbekpen Omorgie, Dr Tasnim Arif, Dr Aboo Thamby - MURDERERS

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