Friday, 30 March 2012

A mirror is held up to England – d’ya like?

A couple of stories have alarmed me this morning – no, wrong word – they have confirmed what I fear. I hope that you will consider these events, and think what they tell us about England 2012.

But not only that – what they tell us about England 2024.

Forced Marriage (BBC report) – the youngest girl from UK to be forced into marriage is 5 yrs. old – the oldest was 87. There were 400 children who received help from the forced marraige unit last year – but the true figure could be 1000’s – it is a unit that you (or smeone concerned) have to call.

George Galloway wins Bradford West – a party called Respect. Does this election show that the country is seperated along ethnic and religious lines – it seems to me that George appeals to the Muslim vote.

Oh - and I just caught this - the scouts have designed new uniforms for Muslim girls.

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