Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Maybe they are unhappy - because

It seems people of another ethnic group are not as happy as native Brits- maybe this is because they are in a foreign land, with different looking people, different customs, laws etc...

When England gets taken over by the immigrant - I will be very unhappy.

Why is this s difficult to understand?

BBC report - but somehow the BBC wants to blame us - we should do more to make them feel happy.

Like let them gang rape our children - No dont be silly Pym
Like let them build Mosques - what is wrong with that.
And have more halal food - seems reasonable
And bring their family over, and have mre kids, and complain when they dont get what they want, and call me racist, and sell drugs, and attack our people, and kill our people, and make us scared to live in our land.............

- calm down Pym, its not that bad....................

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