Wednesday, 14 November 2012


The Judges, the defence lawyers and all those liberal do gooders who want the rule of law to be respected in regard to Abu Hamza fail to satisfy me on a couple of issues.

Firstly - which law should be respected - our supreme court which said he should go, or the European court of human rights which said no.

They said no because they were not satisfied that evidence obtained by torture would not be used.

They are idiots - you can not prove a negative - so it is impossible to prove that that evidence NOT obtained by torture will NOT be used.

It's like saying - he can not b e deported because he might miss Father Christmas - we can not prove Father Christmas does not exist - while they could prove he might, all be it very very unlikely - therfore he can stay.

They should tell us what is the risk of this torture evidence being used - is it great or small. Less than 5% or more than 50.

If it is less than say 10% - he should go, shouldn't he?

Secondly - Why dont they consider OUR human rights - so if someone dies because of an action either inspired, ordered or carried out by him - can we sue the european court of human rights.

Thirdly - those liberal do gooders, who have nothing constructive to do all day, except argue that white is black and then back the other way once they get their own way - are unlikely to live with the consequences of their actions - we do. We see it on the streets of our towns andc ities every day - from muslims defeacting on war memorials, to spitting in soilders' faces, to then raping underage white girls.

Abu Quatada and his family - they hate us, they want to kill us, they want to impose their laws, their customs, their rights and religion.

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